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Coming early 2021 - "115959" a comedy for the end of the world.

by Martin Smith


Baby Zoomers

An Unmuted Comedy

Margie, Monika, Marie and Dale meet each week for coffee. Until a pandemic hits. In an effort to remain connected they decide to meet online each Wednesday. A 30-35 minute comedy about friendship and shared fears and hopes.

4 Female characters 50+

1 Younger character 18-30


Hannah Duerksen and Rhonda Doyle are hosting their monthly games night. Tonight, however, they have a very important secret to reveal. But then, so do all their guests - Millicent, Loni, Bexley and Pieter. With a dash of farce and plenty of misunderstandings, Parlour Games by Martin Smith is a high energy comedy. 5 women. 1 Man. 90-100 minutes. (c) 2020.

Parlour Games

by Martin Smith

Parlour Games Wix-page-001.jpeg

Clarence Greco Owns A Volvo

Clarence Greco is headed to his high school reunion in his brand new Volvo. Will his teenage crush Petula be there? Will friends and enemies remember the former wallflower? Will there be bad toupees? Will the entire class be kidnapped by two inept criminals?
The answer to these and many other questions will be answered in this new play from Martin Smith. Unleashed soon.


Between The Prequel & The Sequel: A Christmas Yarn

The conclusion of the trilogy featuring writer Franice de Sale and her protagonist Alfie Badenhurst. A new online radio style comedy by Martin Smith. Debuting December 11th, 2020 (c) 2020


The Return of the Sequel: Part 2

"Return of the Sequel: Part 2" is a radio format play suitable for online or live production. Struggling writer Francine de Sale guides her cast of characters through a fast paced comedy with a touch of mystery. Imagine Agatha Christie as a sitcom. 50 minutes. 7 characters. 5 Female and 2 Male.


Before the Prequel: Dawning Inception

"Before the Prequel: Dawning Inception" is the second of the Francie de Sale/Alfie Badenhurst comedy mysteries.  Struggling writer Francine de Sale guides her cast of characters through a fast paced comedy with a touch of mystery. Imagine Agatha Christie as a sitcom. 50 minutes. 14 characters.  50 minutes. (c) 2020.

Burs Of A Feather

(c) 2019

Three old high school chums venture to a secluded cabin in the woods to spread the ashes of their dearly departed friend. Nothing goes as planned. The urn disappears, tensions surface and a strange squatter arrives. A breezy comedy about friendship, forgiveness and acceptance.

World Premiere - March 2019 - ICHTHYS Theatre, Brantford, Ontario

Original artwork by David Wierzbicki -

Comedy - 90 minutes


3 Females - 55+

1 Male 55+

1 Recorded Voice - Male


The Other Noise

(c) 2004

Young Sedgewick is forced to watch over her eccentric Uncle Wilby during a family visit. Before you know it she is dragged into an journey into the wilds of his mind. A touching comedy about grief and hope.

World Premiere - 2004 - Side Door Cafe - St. Catharines, Ontario

Re-Launched - 2016 - ICHTHYS Theatre, Brantford, Ontario

Dramatic Comedy - Approx. 90 minutes

1 Female 14 to 17 years

1 Male - 55+

1 Female - 50+

1 Male - 50+

2 Youth - 12 to 16

1 Adult - 20 +

Dedicated to Cami


The Strong Hand Of Love

(C) 1994

A powerful drama about two death row prisoners during their last days before execution. A compelling story told from the eyes of a conflicted lawyer, a grieving wife and two desperate convicts.

First performed Memorial Centre - Red Deer, Alberta - 1996

Re-Launched - January 2014 - ICHTHYS Theatre, Brantford, Ontario

Drama - 90 Minutes

5 Males 35+

2 Females 35+

1 Male Child - 8+


Baked Muffins With Dates

(c) May 2015

A one act comedy about a button-downed man on a series of three catastrophic blind dates. Delightfully witty characters in a light-hearted romantic comedy.

Comedy - 50 minutes

1 Male - 30+

4 Females - 30+


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